Interim President Neil NybergWelcome to the website of Trinity International University. Whether at the college, graduate schoollaw school, or divinity school, Trinity is committed to academic excellence while integrating the gospel with an education for life.

When you think of Trinity, we want you to think of the words on our university seal, “entrusted with the gospel,” which are taken from 1 Thessalonians 2:4. These words are both inspiring and humbling. Inspiring because God gives us the opportunity to work with him to bring the gospel to every nation, tribe, people, and language. Humbling because the God who brought creation into existence with just his word and who can defeat every evil force arrayed against him with just a finger wants to work with us—no matter what our specific vocations—to bring about his redemptive work. He has entrusted us with the gospel and Trinity is uniquely positioned to impact the world for God’s kingdom.

Here at Trinity, we want you to absorb the fullness of what we have on offer—a learning community that will prepare you to invest your life in worship, love, service, and professional excellence. No matter what God calls you to do with your life and your chosen career, you can impact the world for the cause of Christ!

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Neil Nyberg, JD (BA ’74) 
Interim President

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